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Mid-Sized, Versatile Motorcycle and Snowmobile Hand Covers

The Rogue™ model stands out as an incredibly versatile hand cover of medium size. It is compatible with a wide range of adventure and sport touring motorcycles, as well as some scooters and other bike types. It's the preferred choice for our commuter riders. The Rogue offers a spacious hand opening that remains open even at high speeds and is designed to be placed over brush/hand guards. Its waterproof outer shell is constructed from the remarkably durable HippoSkin™ material, and it is insulated with a generous layer of HippoFat™, a warm and flexible closed-cell foam, both of which are engineered to shield your hands from adverse weather conditions. The Rogue is equipped with side and front reflective panels to enhance visibility in low-light situations, and it has a depth of 10.5 inches.

It's important to note that hand/brush guards are necessary for proper fitting and safety. Hippo Hands can be easily installed and removed in seconds without the need for tools or hardware.

And in case you were wondering, they are indeed sold in pairs.

  • $239.95 black

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