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Keep your dirt bikes or motorcycles safely attached to your vehicle or trailer with the help of our easy to install racks.

Dirt bike racks (or motorcycle racks)

For the online purchase of a dirt bike rack or a motorcycle rack with quick delivery to any city in Canada, contact us directly.

NORTHERN RACING GROUP sells Motopro branded racks, which also serves as a motorcycle rack for Racer, Harley, Cruiser and Adventure bikes. These units, proudly made in the USA, are easy to install on enclosed trailers, open trailers, or mid-size or full-size pickup trucks. Some rack models can hold multiple dirt bikes or motorcycles next to each other (up to three).

Manufactured by MotoProHQ, the EZ Chock racks (E-Track and L-Track models for closed trailers) are easy to install and allow dirt bikes or motorcycles to be mounted quickly. The transport is therefore done in complete stability and safety! The E-Track model is in the shape of an E and the L-Track model in the shape of an L. If you are counting on adding a motorcycle or dirt bike, get yourself an additional E-Track rack or L-Track rack. The racks are available in three colours (black, red, orange).

The compact NickRack motorcycle or dirt bike rack for open trailers (trucks with uncovered box) anchors itself to the top of the trailer sidewalls, and can transport up to 3 dirt bikes or motorcycles. The racks are available in two models (based on the number of motorcycles to transport) and in three colours (black, red, orange).

We also sell the compact NickRack rack for mid-sized pickup trucks (which can transport up to 2 dirt bikes or motorcycles) and the NiceRack rack for full-sized pickup trucks (which can transport up to 3 dirt bikes or motorcycles). These racks are also offered in 3 colours (black, red, orange).

If you are looking for dirt bike or motorcycle rack accessories to purchase online in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. NORTHERN RACING GROUP sells belt clips, E-Track rack clip rings, L-Track rack clip rings, fork guards, grill guard sets, 6.5 inch extensions for wheels for EZ Chock racks, plates to drop off small dirt bikes or motorcycles, and tow straps.

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