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18 inches tire gummy 18 inches tire gummy
Semi-gummy 120/100-18

18-inch rear motocross (off-road) tires

If high-performance traction is what you are searching for, you will find it with these 18-inch diameter front tires from the manufacturer 220 RIDE. Designed to be used on various types of off-road terrain, these gummy rubber tires (semi-soft and sticky) offer the right amount of pressure and softness to properly grip rocks, roots and tree trunks. All of this while being firm enough to ride at high speed, while taking curves.

With their semi-gummy hardness like gummy bears, these off-road dirt bike tires grip and stick to surfaces, while having a very long life span. The 4-ply sidewall provides significant stiffness while the linear lug tread grips almost anything in its path!

  • Semi-gummy, 120/100-18
  • Hardness index : 65
  • Number of side plies : 4
  • Recommended foam bib size: Nm18-305
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